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We just released the first update for Mountain - it’s now available for Mac, PC & Linux and is currently being reviewed for iOS. Login in to your Humble account to download the new version (its free, of course) 

This update features:

  • Significantly improved save & load times
  • Fixed save orientation bug
  • A widescreen option
  • Many, many new items to acquire
  • New “songbook” menu to keep your unlocked modes in one place
  • Many more unlockable modes
  • A comprehensive quality settings menu (click the word QUALITY in the menu)
  • Several audio options
  • Fixed bugs with camera control
  • Updates to the thought system
  • Many minor graphical tweaks

This update adds a lot of complexity and the new quality menu means it can run lighter and faster. Please keep emailing us bugs and suggestions to mountain@davidoreilly.com. We can’t answer all but we take everything into account.

Finally, this development is funded by you. A big thank you to everyone who paid more than $1 using the widget on the website. ALSO! We now have cool merch from amazing artists (link) which also funds development.

Posted on 22 July 2014
Tags: #mountaingame  
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