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It’s been almost a week since Mountain was released and I want to give you guys a little update.

  • Bug fixes - we’re aware of the object rotation + save issue, and the magenta-sphere problem on some iOS devices. The next update will fix these issues AND add a whole load more stuff. It will take a week or two. Feel free to nudge Damien on twitter, and please remind him he is handsome.

  • We do want to release on Android & Steam. Android plugin for Unity is too expensive right now and we’re working on Steam stuff. Please bear with us.

  • There is now a facebook page for the game.

  • There is some really cool merch on the way.
  • For a few days after launch, Mountain ranked #1 app overall in Germany, #5 in US & China and #1 Role Playing Game in 33 countries. It was originally designed as a desktop thing but we are now optimizing the iOS version in a lot of ways.

P.S: It didn’t even chart on highest grossing since it costs 1 dollar and has no in app purchases, so don’t ask me for $.

P.P.S: If you notice any other significant bugs please send them to mountain@davidoreilly.com

P.P.S: The music code for snowglobe mode is bbbbbcb (also works on iOS)

Posted on 7 July 2014
Tags: #mountaingame  
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